Shree Akshar Logistics is a 3PL provider and focusing on logistic related solutions with full safety and security. SAL, being a top Logistics company in India, offers various kinds of services under one window. We are efficient to handle Surface, Sea, Express, Train, International Shipping, and Air Cargo services.

Air Cargo Services

Air Logistics

In Air Logistics group of people has to be expertise, framework, monetary support which will provide you with the full services. In the Air logistics group, in the world leading for general sales and service agent(GSSA) shreeaksharlogistics is equipped to handle all air logistics.

Road Transportation Services

Transportation Services

We make sure that if transportation is provided by our side then it should be flexible and have great service levels, so it reaches the demands of the customers.

Warehousing Management Services


You can pick up easily to manage your logistics services of your inventory management and supply. We provide you many options to get the distribution networks easily and efficiently.

Distribution Services

Distribution Services

We are spread in many countries so will help you to distribute easily. Services are distributed at a single point of contact with high levels of visibility.

International Shipping

Ocean Logistics

Ocean logistics is a globe supplier of transport and great logistics solutions. Door to door delivery is done for all type cargo on request. specialized services given for any material that are handling.

Animal Logistics Services

Live Animals Logistics

Any of the live animals reservations, handlings, transportation, processes is done by we. Ensure that animals transported safely and fast and reliable services to animal owners

Ocean Freight Services

Heavy Lift Logistics

Heavy material,oversized structures or equipment for those heavy lift logistics Services that are ideal for moving what others can’t. We easily make any difficult moves very easily and reliably for any commercial transports for lifting heaving goods.